The Lender’s Lawyers-Making a Difference

The Rogers Law Difference

 There are Big Firms with Small Departments and Small Firms Making Big Promises…Then there’s RLO – Dedicated Professionals

Some of the biggest law firms in the state of Georgia will tell you that they handle creditors’ rights issues. Most of those have one partner whose job it is to direct an associate or two in collection matters. In fact, individual lawyers all over the country will say they can help you with mediation, collection and workouts. Ask them a couple of key questions:

Q: How many people in your firm specialize in foreclosure, liquidation, reorganizations and workouts?

A: At RLO – All of them.

Q: Why is Rogers Law team uniquely qualified?

A: We hire passionate professionals from top law schools across the country and locally including Emory, Mercer, Georgia State, and the University of Georgia. Then we mentor and train them specifically in conflict resolution, creditors’ rights, and bankruptcy.

The Heart of the Matter at the Hub of Atlanta

Q: Where is your firm located?

A: Rogers Law is located in the heart of Atlanta, only steps away from the Federal Bankruptcy Court and State Court. Our offices, on the 19th floor of the historic Equitable Building, give us access to the places, the processes and the people you need in banking, commercial real estate, business and the law.

Q: Whom will I work with?

A: You’ll start with Beth Rogers. Ms. Rogers has been a featured speaker and is known in the field as a stalwart professional in bankruptcy, creditors’ rights and real estate matters. Beth will use her wealth of experience to plan your best strategy and then direct her team to execute those tactics effectively and efficiently to settle your matter and recover your assets.